TomTom Telematics

The WORKsmart fleet management concept is simple: your vehicles on the road are connected to your office by WEBFLEET, TomToms secure online application. Clear dashboards and extensive reporting enable you to drive down costs, improve service and boost productivity through informed business decisions.

Small business solution to Enterprise solution

Tomtom's solution gives you much more than merely tracking and tracing. TomTom solutions are designed to also help the driver. Where and how a vehicle was driven, support your teams in the field with the right tool to make their jobs easier.

For larger vehicles, boost driver safety and lower your CO2 emissions all at once, with TomTom’s enterprise business solution. 

Integration with Job management and Passenger booking Systems

ACL's solutions have been intergrated with the Tomtom product to enable job details to be sent and received via the TomTom tracking and satnavs solution, to assist the driver by navigating to each location and send back real time job status and location.


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