This package will help councils to reduce revenue costs over exiisting systems and improve:-

  • Management information
  • Client information
  • Emergency availability list
  • Time
  • Import & export to/from core systems

LGov Rents covers the three main areas of:-

  1. Housing Rents System and Leased Property
  2. Approved Landlords System
  3. Emergency Accomodation


Main enquiry screen

Housing Rent System


Main Features

  • Full enquiry/report facility for
  • Generates all rent charges
  • Generates Standing orders
  • Produces arrears letters and notices
  • Generate rent invoices
  • Ensures clients are placed into suitable
    accomodation as soon as possible
  • Import of HB payments
  • Import of cash payments
  • Export to HB System
  • Use your own terminology
  • Multiple search options
  • Keep track of all available
    accomodation for officers



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